A Vinyl Siding That's
One Straight Shooter

A siding panel that’s so distinctive in appearance and performance that most people will never look at vinyl the same way again.

Customers know Sagebrush Super Premium Vinyl Siding is different from other sidings the moment the first panel is pulled from the box. It stands tall and straight, proving its superior rigidity. It’s thicker and will not bow or bend like thinner competitive panels. And if Sagebrush Super Premium Vinyl Siding won’t bend or bow before it’s installed, you know it will deliver outstanding performance once it’s on the wall – providing straight, smooth lines that keep their fresh new look year after year. Straight walls and a wide variety of colors translates into a fantastic looking home no matter where you stand or when the sun shines on it.

When you round up all the facts, you’ll understand why Sagebrush Super Premium Vinyl Siding is catching on in neighborhoods all across the country.

Green Approved

Available Colors

Colors featured below are mechanically reproduced.  For color accuracy, please ask your Norandex contractor to provide you with an actual product sample.

Available Colors
WhiteSilverLinenChampagneCreamTanSaddle - Premium ColorTumbleweed - Premium ColorHazel - Premium ColorCobblestone - Premium ColorIvy - Premium ColorGranite - Premium ColorWedgewood - Premium Color